Woman rescued from canal near Homestead – NBC 6 South Florida

A South Florida real estate agent is credited with helping save a woman’s life after her vehicle fell into a canal on Sunday morning.

Cristiano Piquet was paramotoring over a canal near Homestead on Sunday morning, exploring a property when he noticed an alligator.

“There was a big one because he made a big splash, and I went down to see the alligator when I saw the car,” Piquet said.

Above the car: an unidentified woman, clinging to the roof while pleading for help.

Piquet wore a body camera at the time, capturing the discovery and eventual rescue. A nearby resident heard the din and came to lend a hand with a rope.

“At that time, I think God said to me, ‘my friend, land and save this life,'” Piquet said. “We landed between power lines and rough terrain…it was a terrible landing situation.

Within minutes, the woman was brought to safety. Piquet told NBC 6 the woman was in shock but appeared to be fine after being brought to dry land. Piquet’s camera captured her hugging the resident who pulled her by the rope.

Miami Dade Fire Rescue confirmed the woman was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, but her identity has not been released.

Monday evening, it is still not known how his car ended up in the canal.

“God cares about his life because he put me in that moment, that perfect moment, that day,” Piquet said. “Maybe I would have flown somewhere else.”

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