“Selling the OC”: who is Kayla Cardona? The award-winning estate agent is a young mother of a

ORANGE CITY, CALIFORNIA: Netflix’s ‘Selling Sunset’ spin-off series ‘Selling The OC’ is finally here after a long wait. The show follows 11 Oppenheim Group real estate agents as they sell multi-million dollar luxury homes in Orange County to high-profile clients. Kayla Cardona, award-winning realtor, is one of 11 agents.


With 11 Oppenheim Group agents making their TV debut on “Selling The OC,” here’s everything people need to know about newbie Kayla Cardona. The second “Selling Sunset” spinoff was revealed in November, just before “Selling Tampa” premiered, and fans have been waiting for more details ever since. Brett and Jason Oppenheim are back on Netflix with a new group of agents ready to show off their real estate skills, this time focusing on the Oppenheim Group’s new office in Newport Beach. Kayla Cardona, a real estate agent, is becoming increasingly famous as casting remains a trending topic on social media.



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Who is Kayla Cardona?

Kayla is one of the newest agents to join the Oppenheim Group, and her Instagram says she has been with the brokerage since June 2021, although her LinkedIn says she has been with the brokerage since 2019. Kayla worked with the Reed team in Orange. County before meeting Jason, where she learned customer fundamentals including communication, marketing and trust. Kayla quickly became a top 1% agent after acquiring her real estate license, according to her official Oppenheim profile, with good reviews on Zillow earning her the Executive Club award. It uses the latest web marketing technologies to make its ads visible and accessible to a wide variety of potential and qualified buyers. She is also keen to provide excellent service. Kayla’s work ethic, integrity and honesty, according to her profile, set her apart from the crowd. As a result, she has become a major asset to the organization. Kayla’s Oppenheim band biography describes her hobbies as hiking, boxing, spending time with her family, reading, and exercising on the beach.


Kayla can be found on Instagram at @mskaylacardona, where she currently has the most followers among the “Selling The OC” cast, at around 20,000 (as of August 2022). When Kayla isn’t sharing information about the million-dollar Oppenheim Group properties with her fans, she uploads photos of her exercise routine and nights out. The Orange County native recently attended a gala for former “Selling Sunset” star Christine Quinn in March. Kayla also has a 15-year-old son for whom she constantly expresses her affection in heartwarming messages; little is known about the youngster out of respect for his privacy, despite his birthday falling just before Kayla’s on December 24.


Netflix released a two-minute clip showing the spinoff, laden with stunning Southern California homes and friction between real estate agents. Although several agents were only briefly introduced, it is evident that Kayla had a significant presence on the show. Based on the trailer, Kayla gets the coveted first list of “Selling The OC,” and while that helps Kayla’s business, it doesn’t sit well with her castmates. There’s a lot of drama just waiting to unfold as Alexandra Rose warns Kayla about the back punches, then Kayla confronts another co-star for calling her a “f***** *b****”.


“Selling The OC” premiered on Netflix on August 24, 2022.

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