New Yorkers moving to Florida are here to stay

Bonnie Heatzig is Executive Director of Luxury Sales at Boca Raton-based Douglas Elliman.

The New York Post recently published an article by Steve Cuozzo, titled “Listen, New York, Florida sucks, and you’ll all be back in five years.

While it’s old news that New Yorkers of all ages are moving from the tax-burdened Empire State to Florida, what we’ve seen for sure is that the multitude of New Yorkers migrating to Florida from COVID are putting down roots and are here to stay. Contrary to Cuozzo’s article, the migration to Florida is a permanent relocation, not a short-lived honeymoon. I have witnessed this as a realtor in South Florida for the past 20 years.

Housing in Florida still more affordable than in New York

Besides the obvious tax and sunshine reasons, the cost of housing in Florida is significantly more affordable for New Yorkers, even as house prices since the pandemic have soared to new highs.

Second, new construction homes are especially popular among newcomers to Florida. Florida offers an abundance of new home building options with modern finishes and features, which is a welcome change for many who are used to the years of supers and maintenance of older apartment buildings.

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Finally, in generations past, Florida’s K-12 public school system lagged far behind New York City. This is no longer the case. Florida has invested millions of dollars and implemented largely effective programs at the state and local levels to improve the quality of public education and reduce the student-teacher ratio. Florida also offers school choice, which is hugely appealing to families, where parents can request or ask to send their child to the school they prefer. And, add Florida’s Bright Futures Scholars program which rewards students based on academic and standardized performance with scholarships or free tuition to attend a public university in Florida, and you have several reasons why New Yorkers are thriving in the Florida lifestyle.

Beachgoers scattered in Palm Beach Inlet at Palm Beach Shores on Singer Island on Monday, June 29, 2020.

Obviously, we live in a place where everyone enjoys beaches and warm weather all year round, but there’s so much more to our state and the secret is out. We welcome newcomers to Florida who are proud to call this state their new permanent home.

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