J. Moore Realty Group Celebrates Opening Today along Maple Avenue

ZANESVILLE, Ohio – Today, off busy Maple Avenue, a groundbreaking ceremony was held to commemorate the launch of the J. Moore Realty Group.

As a real estate agent, Jessy Moore felt limited in her options and abilities to supply and respond to her clients, which prompted her to open her own real estate agency.

“You know, when I came here to open the office, I just felt like it was my home, I guess. And I wanted to help others who were looking for their homes feel the same way, ”said Jessy Moore, Chief Broker of J. Moore Realty Group.

Moore says running his own business finally gives him the freedom to look after and care for his clients, which creates a seamless and unforgettable experience when buying or selling residential or commercial property. .

“We’re going to be there from start to finish, even after. We have had clients calling us after closing time or for whatever reason. We even have clients who showed up here today for the open house, so we finally become a family, ”said Moore.

The real estate office is located at 1978 Maple Avenue and its grand opening today ushers in a new era for the real estate group after having already been in operation since mid-June. You can get more information and get in touch with Jessy and her team on their J Moore Realty Group Facebook page.

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