How Orlando Yes in My Backyard is fighting for more Central Florida housing

ORLANDO, Florida – There’s a new group in town ready to fight for more housing in central Florida – Orlando YIMBY: Yeah in my backyard.

The new chapter of the national organization, YIMBY Action, hopes to fight what many city and county leaders call NIMBY-ism, or not in my backyard. The group is led by co-chair Austin Valle.

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“You have heard of NIMBY, not in my garden, it is someone who says: ‘I support housing, but not in my garden’. or they support the idea of ​​housing, but when it’s built next to them, they get annoyed about it, ”said Valle. “We say, we understand the need for housing, people need a place to live, we are inviting new neighbors and not just yes to housing, but yes to housing in our backyard.”

It comes as the Orlando housing market is experiencing one of its weakest offers in history. The Orlando Regional Realtors Association reported that the supply of homes available for sale in June was down 53% from the previous year, pushing up the average cost of a home currently on the market. market at $ 315,000. The housing shortage is also pushing up rents. Orlando saw its rent increase by 14% in May compared to May 2020 with the average rent for a single unit of $ 1,536 in July.

“It’s yes to all housing, yes to affordable housing, yes to market housing,” said Valle. “People are paying too much in rent, people are trying to buy a house, and if you don’t bid on the day it hits the market, you can’t buy it. There is a problem, and people see that there is a problem and they are thirsty for a solution.

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Orlando YIMBY hopes to be this solution by taking three parts:

  1. Proactive in helping to change zoning and planning laws at the city and county level.

  2. Responsive in speaking publicly at city and planning meetings to speak for developments with strong opposition.

  3. Education of residents on the benefits of more housing.

“Inevitably some neighbors will come forward and say, ‘No we don’t want it, yes we want more housing but not in our backyard.’ We’re going to introduce ourselves and say, “Yes, we want a home in our backyard and by the way, everyone is interested in that home, more than if you’re right next door. “The whole city has to gain from having more housing here, so we’re going to come forward and add that, add our voice to the conversation,” said Valle.

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