Historic and elegant church for sale in Utica NY after 40 years

An iconic place of worship is up for sale in midtown New York, creating a wonderful opportunity for new growth.

Credit – Signature Realty Inc

Credit – Signature Realty Inc

After so many years of serving the people of central New York State, Westminster Presbyterian Church in Utica is officially up for sale. What is only listed at 68,000 square feet is actually more than doubled if you include the church and the basement of the building.

The elegant building is known for its giant oak doors and magnificent vanities. What began as a school for children in interior Utica has grown into a place of community over the past 40 years.

Credit – Signature Realty Inc

Credit – Signature Realty Inc

In the past, some people weren’t so cheerful and left reviews saying the old church needed updating.

Went there for Tuesday night volleyball, the church was ghostly, some repairs are going on, but it’s an old building for sure. I’m not sure what other services they offer. . .

But those reviews changed after a major renovation in 2020. The owners actually revamped the back of the building to create the WMO Parish on Broadway, a stunning venue for weddings, graduations and more. events.

Credit – Signature Realty Inc

Credit – Signature Realty Inc

As for those who worship, they will always have a place to go. According to Signature Realty, the church will have the option of relocating if the sale goes through. It will be more toward downtown Utica than where it is now, but at least locals won’t have to travel too far.

Check out the list for yourself and see all it has to offer.

Historic Westminster Presbyterian Church for sale in Utica, New York

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