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SJGC 2022 graduate, Kyle Footman. Photo courtesy: footman

Kyle Footman, a 25-year-old Tallahassee native and recent Florida A&M University graduate, is making his mark in the city’s real estate industry.

Footman, a public relations specialist, has always had a penchant for entrepreneurship.

Footman remembers working long days alongside his father in the sweltering heat of Tallahassee, laying concrete for the family business.

“When I started working for my father, I was very young and I knew that I didn’t want to do any concrete work. I did it mostly in the summer, so it’s very laborious work. It’s not me,” Footman said. “I was starting to pay attention to my surroundings and I was seeing builders and real estate agents coming to my job site, pulling out nice cars wearing nice clothes. As I got older I started to research and found that they worked smarter, not harder.

Driven by a “work smarter, not harder” mentality, Footman began his real estate journey by taking courses.

Passing the course with flying colors, Footman had to pass the real estate licensing exams in Florida. With little to no nerves, he passed the exams and was defeated, scoring just a 60.

“When I failed, I kinda said, ‘I’m done with real estate.’ It wasn’t until my mom reminded me that I wasn’t one to quit,” Footman said.

He began to study rigorously. As a result, Footman was able to successfully obtain his state license.

Hitting the ground running, Footman has already sold several million dollars worth of homes in his five years in practice.

A Tallahassee house that Footman recently sold. Photo courtesy: footman

Working tirelessly in the Tallahassee area, it’s no surprise that Footman was named one of the top 15% sellers by real estate search portal platform Homesnap.

“Winning this award, I was very happy because for me, I’m just working,” Footman said. “I just do the work. I seek no reward. I’m not looking for trophies. So when I get recognition, it’s like, “Oh, that’s good.” People recognize the work I do.

It’s no surprise that Footman has received great reviews from its customers.

“Kyle was detail oriented and was always prepared and one step ahead. Not once did we have a problem reaching Kyle. He was always available and answered us as soon as possible. I can’t recommend Kyle highly enough. He is committed to giving us the best experience, and I am so grateful for all his hard work,” Yessica Golemme wrote.

Without wanting to slow down, Footman aims for new heights.

“The world is mine,” he said. “In the next few years, I want to have my own brokerage in Tallahassee. Black-owned brokerages are rare in the city, but I want to change that. After that I want to open one in big cities like Atlanta and maybe Houston.

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