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Wells fargo and Morgan stanley are the lenders behind the $ 860 million refinance Primordial group‘s 1301 Avenue of the Americas, learned Commercial Observer.

Paramount announced the transaction on the 1.7 million square foot Midtown office early Tuesday, but did not identify the lenders at the time.

Wells Fargo and Morgan Stanley were co-responsible for the transaction, sources say, with each lender provided debt of $ 430 million, split into a first mortgage of $ 355 million and a mezzanine loan of $ 75 million.

The 45-story trophy asset, between 52nd and 53rd Streets, is 71.5% leased to various tenants and includes 30,000 square feet of ground floor and lobby level commercial space. The building offers lower level access to rockefeller center and offers views of Central park and Midtown.

“With the refinancing of this high quality Class A asset in today’s attractive credit markets, we have strengthened our balance sheet and improved our financial flexibility. ” Wilbur paesParamount chief operating officer, chief financial officer and treasurer, said in the announcement Tuesday. “This transaction is a strong endorsement of the strength of the New York office market and a testament to the confidence the capital markets have in our platform.”

the The five-year interest-only loan consists of a $ 500 million tranche with a fixed interest rate of 3.11%, plus a $ 360 million tranche with a floating rate of LIBOR plus 2.65% .

Debt cancels $ 850 million loan from a trio of life insurance companies back in October 2016: AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company, MetLife and New York life. The five-year loan was due to mature in November, but the refinancing knocked it down.

The deal marks one of the largest office refinancings to close after COVID in New York City.

Earlier this month, Goldman Sachs led the $ 900 million loan on Stellar management‘s A Soho Square, although few can compete with the $ 3 billion in refi for SL Green Realty Corp.‘s A Vanderbilt, which closed in June and was also run by Wells Fargo, with Goldman Sachs.

The Paramount Group also participated in the $ 1.25 billion construction loan for L&L Holding Company and Columbia Real Estate Trustthe redevelopment of Terminal warehouse in a creative office space. The company was a mezzanine lender in the matter, alongside Oaktree Capital, as first reported by CO.

A Paramount spokesperson declined to comment. Wells Fargo officials were not immediately available for comment. A Morgan Stanley spokesperson did not return a request for comment.

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Realtor President Says Soaring Chattanooga Home Prices Won’t Come Back Down https://awebdezine.com/realtor-president-says-soaring-chattanooga-home-prices-wont-come-back-down/ https://awebdezine.com/realtor-president-says-soaring-chattanooga-home-prices-wont-come-back-down/#respond Tue, 03 Aug 2021 19:45:04 +0000 https://awebdezine.com/realtor-president-says-soaring-chattanooga-home-prices-wont-come-back-down/

For those who are waiting for the price of single-family homes in Chattanooga to start dropping, they should forget about it, said the president of the Greater Chattanooga Realtors Association.

Robert Backer told members of the Downtown Kiwanis Club on Tuesday: “These prices may level off a bit, but they will never come back down.”

Mr. Backer said Chattanooga “had been our own little hidden secret, but now everyone has found out.”

He said people from faraway places like California, Chicago, New York and Florida are moving en masse to Chattanooga.

Mr. Backer said Scenic City is also welcoming many new residents from places like Atlanta and Nashville. He said Nashville is “too crowded and too expensive,” but many find Chattanooga to be perfect.

The influx and soaring house prices occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, when businesses were forced to let many of their employees work from home. He spoke of a couple from San Francisco who work remotely and moved here where “the cost of living is much lower than in San Fran”.

Mr. Backer said that as a result, the owners of Chattanooga have discovered that they “have tons of equity and can make a lot of money selling their home.” On the other hand, he said, “You’re going to have to pay a lot of money to get another one.”

He said during his 25 years as a real estate agent in Chattanooga, “I’ve seen our market take different directions, but nothing like it. It’s been two crazy years.”

Mr. Backer said that 3-4 years ago, Chattanooga would have between 2,500 and 3,500 homes on the market at any one time. He said it came down to 450 two months ago and rebounded slightly to hit the current 1,047.

He said the median home price had risen by more than 25% in a short period of time, increasing from $ 5,000 to $ 8,000 a month in recent times. He said the median home price in Chattanooga in 2019 was $ 214,000. It was $ 237,000 a year ago, but it is now $ 275,000.

“This market is very frustrating – unless you’re a listing agent. So that’s great,” he said.

Mr. Backer said at one point, “You could put a house on the market for $ 300,000 and then get an offer for $ 280,000 and negotiate on it. He said, “Today you really can’t do that”. above list price – are now the norm. Homes here on the whole are now selling for 100.5% of asking amount.

Mr Backer said that a year ago homes were on the market for an average of 42 days before being sold. Now it’s 17 days, and many sell out within hours or days.

He said in some cases frenzied shoppers forgo pre-purchase appraisals and / or inspections. And he said some sellers are trying to take the frenzy to an even higher level – although those prices sometimes exceed the appraisal when the buyer is looking for a mortgage. But he said valuations were starting to catch up with rising prices as new, higher “coms” came in.

Mr Backer said he had house hunters interested in a home in Timbercrest in East Brainerd with a wonderful pool. He said that by the time they started making their offer, there were 24 offers in front of them. He said the house originally offered for $ 385,000 likely sold for over $ 425,000.

He said Ooltewah, which was kicked off by the Volkswagen plant announcement, “is still the fastest growing market.” He said several apartment projects were underway there and in Collegedale. He said Red Bank “is now a hot spot” and there is growing interest in East Ridge, with its new developments in Release 1. Interest is mounting towards Hixson. Another important growth area is the Southside, including along Main Street towards Ridge.

Mr Backer said many of those from out of town “love old houses” and shop in areas such as Highland Park.

He said money from outside hedge funds definitely affects the local real estate market, especially when it comes to apartment complexes. He said, “A lot of them are selling and the sellers are making a ton of money.” He said the former Mansion Hills Apartments in North Chattanooga made a profit of $ 15 million for a recent buyer turned seller.

Mr Backer said the high costs kept many of the prices away, noting he was struggling to find a home for his young son who is considering a career as a firefighter with his limited income.

He said one idea being explored is to convert commercial space in some downtown buildings into residences.

He noted that some are turning to apartment living, but he said they can cost as much as $ 1,500 to $ 1,800 per month.

Mr Backer said landlords are among those facing dangers in the current COVID situation, with many tenants stopping paying but staying. He said: “This can be devastating for homeowners, who cannot stop paying the banks on their mortgages.”

Entrepreneurs are also facing it, he said, facing skyrocketing supply costs and struggling to find workers. He said a wood kit that previously cost $ 1,800 to $ 2,000 is now $ 10,000 to $ 15,000. The additional costs for building a new home are $ 30,000 to $ 35,000 due to inflation, he said.

Another misfortune of the entrepreneur is having difficulty in obtaining supplies. He said houses that took six months to build could now take nine months.

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Chelsea Villarreal appointed COO of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty https://awebdezine.com/chelsea-villarreal-appointed-coo-of-your-home-sold-guaranteed-realty/ https://awebdezine.com/chelsea-villarreal-appointed-coo-of-your-home-sold-guaranteed-realty/#respond Tue, 03 Aug 2021 18:07:00 +0000 https://awebdezine.com/chelsea-villarreal-appointed-coo-of-your-home-sold-guaranteed-realty/

Villarreal brings a strong management history, including overseeing 600 virtual ISAs and working with over 1,000 real estate teams across North America.

ROSEMEAD, CA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, August 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty today announced that Chelsea Villarreal has been appointed Chief Operating Officer of the Company. In his new role at the award-winning brokerage, Villarreal will oversee all operational and administrative functions of the organization.

“We are delighted to announce that Chelsea is our new COO. said Rudy Lira Kusuma, CEO of Your Home Vend Guaranteed Realty. “Chelsea has an excellent track record in real estate achievement and is sure to thrive in their responsibilities of leading, managing and holding our team leaders and operational managers accountable in various departments. “

Villarreal will oversee the performance of our brokerage services, which include the Head of Internal Sales Agents (ISA), Head of Virtual Assistant (VA), Office Manager and Head of Recruitment, Growth and Development. , as well as maintaining relationships with YHSGR partner companies. His role also includes responsibility for improving agent recruitment and retention at YHSGR.

Born and raised in a suburb of Austin, Texas, Villarreal started in the real estate business in 2011 working in property preservation. She managed a portfolio of over 100 distressed houses owned by banks and helped rehabilitate them from transport to meet living standards.

During her career, Chelsea worked with industry leaders such as Bank of America, Ginnie Mae and Freddie Mac before moving into the Real Estate Tech space as an Inside Sales Agent (ISA) working for the third fastest growing start-up in Texas in 2015.

From there, Villarreal rose through the ranks to Director of Offshore Relations, where she managed a sales team of over 600 virtual ISAs and worked with over 1,000 real estate teams in the United States and Canada.

After moving to San Francisco in 2018, she became a founding member of one of the leading real estate lead generation and VA placement companies, working with partners such as Open Door, Smartzip, and Loan Depot. Since joining Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty as Director of Sales in 2020, she has been continuously recognized as a top contributor, embracing the company’s vision, mission and core values.

About your home Sold guaranteed real estate
Your Home Vend Guaranteed Realty was founded with this vision: to be the best place to work, buy and sell real estate! Our mission is to have a positive impact on people’s lives, through Second Mile service, innovative systems and charitable giving.

Our basic commitment
Through a commitment to Second Mile service, empowering and inspiring others, being results oriented, valuing relationships by expressing gratitude and embracing continuous improvement, our company will strive to be the best. the best place to work for our team members, the best place to buy and sell real estate to our clients, be the best stewards of our shareholders, and give our best to our community.

To learn more about Your Home Vended Guaranteed Realty, visit the company’s website at YourHomeSoldGuaranteed.com

+1 626-789-0159
write us here
Visit us on social networks:

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What happens after the deportation ban? »RealtyBizNews: Real estate news https://awebdezine.com/what-happens-after-the-deportation-ban-realtybiznews-real-estate-news/ https://awebdezine.com/what-happens-after-the-deportation-ban-realtybiznews-real-estate-news/#respond Tue, 03 Aug 2021 13:21:00 +0000 https://awebdezine.com/what-happens-after-the-deportation-ban-realtybiznews-real-estate-news/

The national moratorium on evictions ended on Saturday despite a last-minute offer from Democratic lawmakers to extend it for another month. The ban on evictions was first put in place by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in September 2020.

With the moratorium in place, tenants could miss rent payments without fear of eviction, but housing providers still had to pay their own mortgages and other bills. As such, housing providers – including businesses and individuals – have had to shoulder more than $ 13 billion in unpaid rent each month during the term of the eviction ban.

Finally, the ban, which had been repeatedly extended by President Joe Biden’s administration, ended.

Now things are likely to change quickly. With the end of the eviction ban, tenants who missed their payments will have to start paying again. They’ll also have to make up for previously missed payments, which will likely mean sitting down with their housing provider and coming to an agreement on what they can afford to pay back. If they do not resume rent payments and agree to an agreement to pay back what was missed, landlords can initiate eviction proceedings.

However, some states have announced extended protections for tenants. California, Illinois and New York, among others, have all passed statewide extensions to the eviction moratorium, meaning homeowners will have to continue to sit still.

Tenants who live in housing provided by federal agencies such as the Federal Housing Finance Agency, the Department of Agriculture, Veterans Affairs and the Department of Housing and Urban Development also remain under protection as they all have extended the moratoriums on evictions until September 30.

The good news for tenants who have to start paying again is that rent assistance is still available. Two laws passed earlier this year secured nearly $ 50 billion in emergency rent assistance, but only 6.5% of those funds were distributed.

Deployment has been slow, hampered by a laborious application process. However, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has just announced a new online tool for tenants and housing providers who still face financial hardship from the pandemic. It allows them to locate and request payment assistance, covering rent, utility bills and other expenses.

The new Rent Assistance Finder can guide housing providers and tenants to assistance programs in their area.

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Tara Davis qualifies for the Olympic final https://awebdezine.com/tara-davis-qualifies-for-the-olympic-final/ https://awebdezine.com/tara-davis-qualifies-for-the-olympic-final/#respond Tue, 03 Aug 2021 02:13:38 +0000 https://awebdezine.com/tara-davis-qualifies-for-the-olympic-final/

August 2 — A single jump; that’s all it took.

Tara Davis only needed one attempt in the preliminaries to qualify for the women’s long jump final at the Tokyo Olympics.

Davis jumped 6.85 meters (22 feet, 5 1/2 inches) for an automatic berth and didn’t have to jump again. So she didn’t.

Davis qualified fourth of 12 finalists for Tuesday’s finals, which were set for 8:50 p.m. Monday for Greenville time. Japan is ahead of Greenville in the world time zone. NBC plans to cover the women’s long jump finals. The US network also provided athletics coverage and NBC also provided live broadband coverage on its website.

Seven-time world champion and former Olympic champion of the United States of America Brittney Reese passed Davis just 6.85 meters in Group A. Reese and Davis also finished first and second at the US Olympic Trials in Eugene, Ore.

This will be Davis’ first time in a long jump final at the Olympics. Reese, 34, from Inglewood, Calif., Won gold at the London Olympics in 2012 and silver at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016.

Davis, who has family in Greenville, started competing for the Wylie Flyers at age 4 before moving to California. She won the California State High School Championships in the long jump, triple jump and 100-meter hurdles and was the Gatorade National High School Athlete of the Year.

Davis won the NCAA indoor (22-9) and outdoor (21-11 3/4) long jump titles last season for the University of Texas. She also set an American college record in the outdoor long jump with a 23-5 1/4 jump in the 93rd Clyde Littlefield Texas Relays, named after a former Greenville coach.

Her father Ty Davis, a former football player and Greenville Lion track runner, coached her in Tokyo.

His grandmother Roz Lane, a retired real estate agent in Greenville, was planning to watch the Olympics at a resort in Orlando. NBC has organized a special viewing area in Orlando for the families of the American Olympians as spectators have been banned from the stadium due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Texas A&M long jumper Tya Gittens also qualified for the final at 6.72. Gittens is competing for Trinidad and Tobago. Gittens was second behind Davis in the NCAA Outdoor Long Jump Championship.

Ivana Spanovic of Serbia led the qualifying at 7.00 meters (22-9 3/4). She jumped in Group B. She was a bronze medalist at the 2016 Olympics and is the reigning world indoor champion.

Malaika Mihamabo of Germany was second in Group B and second overall at 6.98. Mihamabo won the outdoor world title in 2019.

Davis and her boyfriend Hunter Woodhall, who will compete in the Tokyo Paralympic Games, have received widespread global coverage and have appeared in television commercials.

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La Jolla agent Chantal Sanchez organizes a networking evening for luxury brand pros https://awebdezine.com/la-jolla-agent-chantal-sanchez-organizes-a-networking-evening-for-luxury-brand-pros/ https://awebdezine.com/la-jolla-agent-chantal-sanchez-organizes-a-networking-evening-for-luxury-brand-pros/#respond Tue, 03 Aug 2021 00:58:00 +0000 https://awebdezine.com/la-jolla-agent-chantal-sanchez-organizes-a-networking-evening-for-luxury-brand-pros/

When the COVID-19 pandemic prevented one of La Jolla’s newest luxury brands from hosting a grand showroom opening, Chantal Sanchez took action.

Sanchez, an agent in the La Jolla office of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices California Properties, turned the situation into a networking opportunity for representatives of some of the community’s most iconic brands.

“I ran into my friend David Junk, CEO of Bang & Olufsen of Southern California, who told me the pandemic had prevented him from hosting a grand opening in his new [high-end electronics] place. To help my friend, I decided at that point to bring together professionals and local luxury brands for a summer evening in his showroom, ”said Sanchez, expert in energy-efficient and low-energy luxury homes. environmental impact.

Using his citywide contact list, Sanchez invited architects, designers, other real estate professionals and more to the July 15 event.

“The event helped publicize the type of involvement Berkshire Hathaway California Properties is having in the community,” said Sanchez. “And based on the success of the summer evening, we plan to present similar events on a quarterly basis.”

Sanchez is a member of the La Jolla Real Estate Brokers Association and the National Green Resource Council. She is fluent in French and Russian and is frequently consulted on international transactions.

She can be contacted at (858) 901-0088 or ChantalSanchez@bhhscal.com. ◆

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Disclaimer status in the context of a claim notice given by another insurer https://awebdezine.com/disclaimer-status-in-the-context-of-a-claim-notice-given-by-another-insurer/ https://awebdezine.com/disclaimer-status-in-the-context-of-a-claim-notice-given-by-another-insurer/#respond Fri, 23 Jul 2021 20:50:27 +0000 https://awebdezine.com/disclaimer-status-in-the-context-of-a-claim-notice-given-by-another-insurer/

Much has been written – in this space and elsewhere – about the rules and practicalities governing warnings / denials of insurance coverage under the Warnings Act, Insurance Act §3420 (d) (2) (formerly §3420 (d)). The situation most often discussed is the common situation in which the notice of the accident and / or the claim is given to the insurer by the insured or the injured party, and the discharge of liability is, in accordance with the terms of the law, issued by the insurer “to the insured and to the injured party or to any other claimant”. (Ins. L. §3420 (d) (2) provides as follows: “If, under a liability policy issued or issued in that State, an insurer disclaims all liability or refuses coverage in the event of death or bodily injury resulting from a motor vehicle accident or any other type of accident occurring in such condition, he must give written notice as soon as is reasonably possible of such exclusion of liability or denial of coverage to the insured and the injured person or any other claimant. ”) In some cases, however, notice of the claim is given to the insurer by another insurance company, rather than by the insured or the injured person. Whether the same considerations and obligations apply in this situation has occupied many courts in several different contexts.

The statute

It is well established that “the Legislature enacted Section 3420 (d) (2)” to assist aggrieved parties “by encouraging the prompt resolution of liability claims. [citations omitted]. ” KeySpan Gas East v. Munich Reins. A m., 23 NY3d 583 (2014). As previously stated by the First Department in Bovis Lend Lease LMB v. Royal Surplus Lines Ins. Co., 27 AD3d 84 (1st Dep’t 2005), “The purpose of §3420 (d) is to ‘protect the insured, the injured party and any other interested party who has a real interest in the outcome, from being injured by a late denial of coverage ‘ [citation omitted] …. It is clear that the notice requirement of §3420 (d) is designed to protect the insured, and the injured party or other claimant from the risk, posed by a delay in learning the position of the insurer, to spend energy and resources with an ultimately futile purpose attempt to recover damages from an insurer or forgo other methods of recovery of damages until it is too late to pursue them successfully [citation omitted]. “27 AD3d at 91, 92.

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Sacramento No Leak + Kings Draft Party + Christmas in July https://awebdezine.com/sacramento-no-leak-kings-draft-party-christmas-in-july/ https://awebdezine.com/sacramento-no-leak-kings-draft-party-christmas-in-july/#respond Fri, 23 Jul 2021 19:39:08 +0000 https://awebdezine.com/sacramento-no-leak-kings-draft-party-christmas-in-july/

Hello, River City!

Welcome to the Sacramento Daily Patch newsletter! This is where you’ll find all the best news and events happening in Sacramento for Saturday July 24, 2021!

First of all, the weather forecast for the day: Clear all day. High: 98 Low: 61.

Here are the best stories in Sacramento today:

  1. Sacramento without leak strives to help homeowners repair costly leaks for free. Owners in need can ask for help and Leak-Free Sacramento will take it from there, covering the costs and working the authorization and repair processes. At present the program is on a fairly small scale and there is a waiting list, but the program manager Lance Eicher says it’s not a funding issue. They strive to find manpower to develop. (FOX40)
  2. This guy gets “neighbor of the year“as he foiled an attempted theft of his neighbor’s property. He noticed a moving truck with people making multiple trips to a neighboring residence in Riva on the river condos. In total, $ 3000 worth items were loaded onto the truck. Before thieves on the left, the neighbor took pictures of the truck, the suspects and the objects. The objects were recovered from a storage unit belonging to one of the suspects. (CBS Sacramento)
  3. Christmas came early for this Sacramento boy who was recently diagnosed with leukemia. Macy’s Town Center in partnership with Make a wish make pastor Christmas in July wish come true! Santa Claus reached from the North Pole via Zoom. And, with a little Christmas magic, Pastor discovered that Santa Claus would be visiting his home in person in November to celebrate with his family. (CBS Sacramento)
  4. A Save the air day was issued for Friday and Saturday in the Sacramento Region. Calm winds and triple-digit temperatures combine with smoke from surrounding forest fires to make the air “unhealthy for sensitive groups.” (ABC10)
  5. The Kings host a free party project for the fans! Each person can climb up to 4 free tickets to Kings of Sacramento website while supplies last. The party takes place at Gold Center 1 on July 29. Grab tickets for you and your friends to see the draft on the big screen and find out who the Kings pick with Pick # 9. (NBA.com)

Saturday Events in Sacramento

  • Celebrate 2021 National Bison Soldier Day to the history Negro bar on Folsom Lake. Honor the Buffalo Soldiers, learn some history and have a barbecue. (11:30 a.m.)
  • If Reggae is your thing, give it a try ReggaeFest To Brasserie Coeur Noir. There will be 4 groups and of course a great beer, to help you celebrate the day. (3 p.m.)
  • Have you tried having a pool party but none of your friends have a pool? No problem! DJ 2RAW throws you one! There will be a swim up bar, tacos, basketball courts and more for your party fun. (3 p.m.)
  • Enjoy a day of mariachi music at the Sacramento Mariachi Festival! There will be bands, singers and a DJ as well as food, art and fun! (4 p.m.)
  • Attend (virtually) the final performance of Sacramento City Collegethe production of Hamlet. The performance will be broadcast live from City University Art Court. (7:30 p.m.)

Sacramento notebook

  • Wondering if the smoke from nearby forest fires will affect you? Discover this experimental smoke prediction tool of The national meteorological service. This isn’t an official forecast, but it does give you a pretty good idea of ​​where the smoke is heading.

From our sponsors – thank you for supporting the local news!

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  • MULTI-FAMILY YARD SALE – 1630 rue Winfield – SATURDAY JULY 24 (Details)

Jobs :

  • Rental Assistant / Real Estate Agent (Details)

You are officially in the loop for today! See you tomorrow for another update. If you are feeling these newsletters, consider bringing other friends and neighbors into the fold. You can send them this link to subscribe.

Jeri karges

About me: Jeri Karges has lived and loved the Sacramento area for over 30 years. His passion is to find new and unique ways to enjoy the city and its surroundings. On the weekends, you can see her pestering her friends to taste the restaurant that has no silverware or to try their hand at ax throwing. Jeri also enjoys writing about retirement planning at https: //rockinretirement.subst …

Got a tip or suggestion for an upcoming Sacramento Daily? I’m all ears. You can email me at sacramento@patch.com.

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Unknown impact of the Champlain towers tragedy on future construction projects https://awebdezine.com/unknown-impact-of-the-champlain-towers-tragedy-on-future-construction-projects/ https://awebdezine.com/unknown-impact-of-the-champlain-towers-tragedy-on-future-construction-projects/#respond Fri, 23 Jul 2021 16:33:25 +0000 https://awebdezine.com/unknown-impact-of-the-champlain-towers-tragedy-on-future-construction-projects/

Vice President of State Construction assesses impact of tragedy on future projects

The June 24 collapse of the 12-story Champlain Towers South condominium in Surfside, Florida will have far-reaching implications, with court rulings on what to do with the property and how to compensate victims already underway while recovery efforts continue.

The Build-out asked newly appointed Florida Building Commission member and vice-chairman Michael Bourré of Fleming Island, founder of Bourré Construction Group, his reaction to the tragedy and the potential impact on builders and the construction industry. construction in general in the Sunshine State. Bourré is also a past president of the Florida Home Builders Association.

What role will the FBC play in the aftermath of the Surfside collapse?

In the aftermath of a hurricane, the Building Commission is reviewing the forensic study to determine if the failures, if any, were attributed to code, materials or workmanship. We also consider the age of the structure to determine what code was in place when the structure was built. Any particular code failure may have already been addressed in the codes adopted since the construction of the structure. I suspect the FBC could play a similar role after the Surfside collapse.