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As Gov. Gavin Newsom faced an election called on September 14, citizens this week asked residents what they thought of the election.

Supporters of this special election allege Newsom mismanaged the state government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the homeless crisis in California. He has also been criticized for supporting the policies of sanctuary cities and the distribution of water.

Opponents of the election call the recall attempt “to gain republican power.”

If the majority of voters vote for the governor’s removal, the removal ballot includes an opportunity for supporters of the removal to choose a potential replacement for Newsom.

Currently, there are 45 candidates vying for seats at Newsome. These challengers include businessman John Cox, political talk show host and lawyer Larry Elder, former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, Congressman Kevin Kylie and R-Rocklin. Democrat and real estate agent Kevin Pafras.

Remember the supporters

Doug Eisner was one of the locals who voiced support for the appeal election.

“You can see the fire we have just by seeing the prices go up,” he said. ” He does nothing. He’s not doing enough. Having said that, the leaders, especially the heads of state, have someone who really stepped in and said, “Hey, this is what we need to do. That’s it. That’s how we deal with it. “

“But no, he’s sitting in his tiny little office and nothing is done. I’m afraid of someone else who will be like him, even if he remembers him. It means that you will be brought to someone. “

Eisner added that it had not yet been decided who he would like to replace Newsom with.

His friend Andrew, who did not give his name, shared a similar point of view.

“(Arnold Schwarzenegger) was not the best governor, but even if he was (he), I couldn’t see such a city. You are homeless in California. Did not see. All the prices are gone.

“Soon hard working people like me and (Eisner) won’t be able to pay the rent anymore and will live with them in trailers etc. So come and finish the job and people will be like that. allow one to live in a state and get rid of a bit of homelessness. “

Steve, who lives in Elk Grove, chose not to reveal his name and said he wanted Newsom to vote by mail.

“Remember him,” he said. “The eldest (the candidate he chose). He’s just a little more consistent with what I think.

Remember your opponent

Kristen Mobray briefly declared her opposition to the appeal election.

“I’m against (recall) because I think California should remain a blue state,” she said.

Joan Gasman told citizens he had already voted by mail to keep Newsom in office.

“I am against this recall,” she said. “I support Gavin Newsom. He’s not perfect, but he’s my man and he doesn’t want a Republican to be governor of California.

Republicans most often support (former President Donald) Trump, and I’m totally against Trump and his approach to government.

“I don’t want the Republican Party to rule California because I’m afraid welfare and social justice will suffer under the governor of the Republican Party.”

Gasman added that he also wanted a governor who was in line with his thoughts on COVID-19.

“I am interested in COVID (-19) and as a governor interested in the science and evidence of COVID treatment (-19), I am looking for vaccination, mask wear, mask obligations and support . What’s coming out of the scientists and doctors at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, ”she said.

Billy Miles called the election call “a waste of taxpayer money and time.”

“There probably won’t be anything that comes out of it,” he said. “I haven’t found a good alternative because they’re just trying to bring in people who are readily available, but they’ve been tested and proven to be beneficial for people. It is convenient for them. It’s about time, so I think they’re rushing. “

On the fence

Heather Johnston, who lives in Elk Grove, is among those who have yet to decide how to vote for the call.

“I could vote one way or another, but I’m not sure,” she said. “No matter what happens, it happens. I don’t want to vote (it will make a difference).

“I don’t think (Newsam) is doing such a bad job. I think the world is fucked up. “

Sacramento resident Levi Hatfield, who shopped in Elk Grove, also expressed his indecision.

“(It’s) 50-50 for me,” he said. “I am undecided at the moment. It’s like I want it and then I don’t want it. I want it, but I don’t want it.

Asked about the election call, Angie Younan said she had general distrust of the government.

“I’m going to be boring,” she said. “I don’t trust the government. I think they have their own nifty agenda, and I don’t think they care or care about people’s thoughts.

“They also want us to see what we want them to hear.”

Election ’21: Local residents share their views on the recall election for governor | News Source Link Election ’21: Local Residents Share Views on Recall Gubernatorial Election | New

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