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New York City can get overwhelming at times, especially if you spend every waking hour there. Fortunately, a much more serene place is to the north. New York’s Hudson Valley is the perfect place for a well-deserved retirement. While having a place to stay once in a while to relax is a luxury in itself, choosing an ideal home is the first step towards building a livable future in the region. What are Hudson Valley home buyers looking for?

work-life balance

For many weekends, working from home is a crucial requirement. A home that hosts a fast and stable internet is a necessity.

Megan Kinealy-Hill, a salesperson with Country House Realty, emphasized the added importance of this factor during and after the pandemic. “I’ve found that people seem to be more interested in high-speed internet connectivity,” she said. “[It] is really important now since so many people [are] work abroad. »

Monica Schwerberg, Principal Procurement Specialist for Keller Williams Hudson Valley North’s Upstate Curious team, noted that work accommodations include more than reliable internet: “Since the pandemic hit, the priorities have definitely shifted to multiple workspaces. In the current state of professional life, other working arrangements must be possible.

(Courtesy of Country House Realty)

Generators, an earlier upgrade, also became more common. Buyers want to make sure the electricity is still working. “For homes that are [closer to] country, we’ve had a lot more power outages,” Lisa Halter, Principal Broker for Halter Associates Realty, said. “In [terms of] changing weather conditions, we have storms and the power [often] goes out, so a generator is a high priority.

Back to nature amenities

Schwerberg noticed an increased desire among city dwellers for back-to-nature gear. “Fireplaces and wood-burning stoves top the lists of potential buyers,” she said. “People also like good light and good views, so good windows are one of the first [requests] I hear buyers. They want to be able to appreciate the nature around them.

Many hotspots are currently centered near recreational activities. “Locations close to hiking trails, biking, skiing, [and] other activities [are] typically popular. Halter said.

Outdoor decisions are just as important. “I think investing in improving the exterior appearance is a smart decision. The exterior is the first thing people will see, and it leaves a lasting impression,” explained Janet Myer, a salesperson from Houlihan Lawrence. “Honestly, the trees and blooming hydrangeas in the spring and summer are lovely, and a freshly painted front door with pots or urns is always welcoming.”

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Lisa Halter noted a significant change in demand during or after a hot summer. “Pools are [in high demand] right now just because it’s so much warmer,” she said. “[Many] are on a two-year waiting list to be installed.

“A high percentage of my buyers over the past few years have planned to build in-ground pools, greenhouses and barns,” Myer added. “As people continue to work and spend more time at home, they want their home to feel like they’re on vacation all year round.”

Location, location

Kinealy-Hill stressed the importance of active outdoor space around the home for city weekends: “I think the desire to have access to outdoor space is going to remain important for buyers” , she said. “This in particular [applies to those] who come from a large metropolitan area where you don’t have a lot of outdoor space.

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The location of the house is another factor. “Proximity to a town with amenities like grocery stores, restaurants, outdoor recreation and things like that,” Kinealy-Hill explained.

Perfecting a home’s interior can be quite challenging. Some commonalities are expected. Myer has been watching the trends closely. “Since Covid there has been a shift in what people are looking for,” she said. “[Many] want bright, open floor plans, updated modern kitchens, and large master bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms.

There are always improvements to be made after purchase, ranging from minor quality of life changes to long-term projects. “Updating a kitchen and bathrooms always tops buyers’ home improvement lists,” Myer noted.

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