Americans eager to welcome Canadians back with American goods – and dollars

Canadians who own a property in the United States will be able to come and view their properties for the first time since March 2020, when the border reopened on November 8. It means the Canadians are coming back to Ellicottville.

Real estate agent Tina Dillon said Canadians who have places in the village and surrounding towns have kept their properties, even though they cannot use them during the COVID-19 lockdown. She said the turnover of Canadian companies was average, although there was a lot of money for rental housing in the county or for possible Airbnb profits.

She said homeowners can receive $ 100,000 a year because Ellicottville has become a year round attraction, with ski resorts and golf courses.

“A lot of people have flocked to Ellicottville for recreation,” Dillon said. “They could go down here. They could hike, to Spruce Lake. They could go to Allegany State Park. They could just go down. We had curbside restaurants, you know, take out. So a lot. more people have made Ellicottville a destination. “

Ellicottville Mayor John Burrell agreed there is a significant Canadian presence.

“The majority of residences, both in the village and in the city, are owned by part-time users and more than half of them are in fact Canadians,” said Burrell. “That’s a large number of residences owned by Canadians in the village and town.”

He said that last year, and especially since January, the village has seen a huge amount of housing on the market. It does not last long, and in many cases the selling prices are higher than the asking prices.

Burrell said during the lockdown, local businesses worked to bring in foreigners to replace Canadian customers at bars and restaurants, while ski areas were marketed well outside western New York City with success. The mayor said the big problem was getting restaurants and retail workers – a national problem. He said even people with a work history don’t work.

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