What car with a car loan of 10,000 euros, in new or used?

With 10,000 euros, you can buy a new car. A car loan of 10,000 euros allows to offer an entry-level model at a dealership, and enjoy the comfort of a new vehicle. 

Catani: Testimony of the city

Catani: Testimony of the city

To buy a new car at 10 000 euros is possible. All major brands are trying to offer their mini-city model to less than 10,000 euros:

• The Citroën C1 and the Peugeot 108 are both priced at € 10,350, while the Renault Twingo is worth less than € 11,000 due to superior equipment. With their small size, they are ideal for urban travel. They seduce by their dynamic lines and extreme maneuverability. Three very feminine cars!

• Kia Picanto, Opel Karl, Seat Mii, Volkswagen Up and Skoda Citigo are under € 10,000. An excellent value for money, for these models that each have their strengths. The Kia Picanto is appreciated for its livability, the Opel Karl for its 5 seats, the Volskswagen Up for its small size and the Skoda Citigo for its 5 doors and its practicality.

• The high end at less than € 10,000 is possible with the Smart Fortwo! An ultra-compact 2-passenger car (2.70 m) designed exclusively for the city.

• For a new experience in the city, there is also the Renault Twizy, a small electric vehicle between the mini-city car and the scooter, accessible at less than 9000 euros, thanks to the ecological bonus.

A wide choice of new cars with Dacia

A wide choice of new cars with Dacia

It is possible to see big with a car loan of € 10,000 for the purchase of a new car! Notably by looking at the low-cost side with Dacia:

• The Dacia Sandero, less than 8 000 €. It offers a bluffing price-performance ratio, with its powerful engine and its honorable performance.

• With the Dacia Loggy, you can afford a minivan at less than 10,000 euros. A compact minivan certainly, but with three rows of seats (7 seats), a touch screen and pleasant behavior.

• With a personal contribution, it is even possible to access a crossover for less than 12 000 €: the Dacia Duster. It is the best-selling of its category, thanks again to a quality-price ratio that defies any competition. It is the flagship brand Dacia, the model that has offered credibility to the Romanian manufacturer, through a general behavior and convincing performance.

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