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Need a new car, but not enough money in your account? Then take a car loan. This is very affordable and at a very low rate, currently only 2.49%!

Car loan simulation

Not sure how much you are going to pay per month? You can easily calculate your car loan with our car loan simulation. You can play with the data: just enter the cost of the car, interest rate and desired duration and you’re done!

A car loan is a money loan that provides you with the financial scope to purchase your car. It is, as it were, a form of a personal loan. You are assured of clear conditions and direct access to your budget.

Finding the car of your dreams is a difficult task. After all, there is plenty of choice, the different brands all have their advantages and disadvantages. Once you have made the choice, financing is often still an issue. By taking out a car loan you are now also financially able to realize the purchase of your car.

Why a car loan?

Many lenders offer specific loans that are tailored to the purchase of a car. A car loan is similar to a personal loan, but has some more favorable conditions to make it possible to purchase your car. The car loan can of course be tailored to your specific (future) purchase.

A personal car loan has the biggest advantage that all loan conditions are very clear. The interest rate that is borrowed, as well as the repayment terms are agreed in advance. As a result, you already know where you stand before taking out the loan. Fluctuations in the money market therefore do not affect your interest costs. That is a big advantage! Moreover, you immediately receive the required amount of money, so that you can purchase your dream car immediately.

Example calculation

A car is of course an expensive product that you don’t just buy one, two, three. It is therefore important to carefully consider the purchase. But buying a car with the help of a car loan is not unaffordable. When taking out a car loan you can calculate the monthly costs.

Compare car loans

Of course there are also various players active in this market. The Belgian lenders all have their own offer when it comes to personal car loans. Where are you now at the right place? To answer this question, you can make a comparison between the various loans on the internet.

As you can see, there are considerable differences when it comes to the interest rate to be paid. But the terms and conditions of the car loans can vary considerably per lender. Therefore, inform well about the conditions and read the fine print carefully!

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