Cheap Online Loans for Retirees

Despite the current demographic trends, the ideal borrower from the perspective of the banks is young, has few financial liabilities and has a high income – especially those people very rarely require a loan. Such a loan for a retiree is much more difficult even with a lush pension. Once the 65-year limit has been […]

Bill Ordering Principle – Realtor Broker Commissions

“Who orders, who pays too.” According to this so-called ordering principle is regulated since June 2015, who bears the cost of the broker in the brokerage of a rental apartment. Therefore, the one who has commissioned the broker always has to pay. Federal Minister of Justice of the SPD presented in February 2019 a bill […]

Extension of the loan

Since this week, Big Lending has added a new functionality that extends our loan offer. Borrowers can borrow from Big Lending not only on their own, but also with another person. Prerequisite: both have to share a household. That’s what we call “partner credit”. With this functionality, we meet a long-standing desire of our customers. […]

Car Loan: How To Boost Your Car’s Financing

Your old car is broken or threatens to give up your mind in the near future? Did you get a family addition and therefore need a bigger car? Or do you dream for a long time of a more comfortable vehicle, the sleek sports car or the spacious SUV? Whatever the reason, why you need […]


The majority of our partner banks have decided to stop studying the files of borrowers eligible for the Zero Rate Loan. First-time homebuyers who benefit from a zero-interest loan have until 15/11/2016 to deposit their mortgage loan. After that date, banks will no longer finance zero interest loans. The Zero Rate Loan The Zero Rate […]